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March 27 2017

lung cat is lung.

March 05 2017


*very careful jazzhands so as not to jostle the critters*
-- alright then.

"sorry edgelords and milhouse, ..."  XD

February 25 2017

thaaaank you (& @sofias) -- i thought there'd been sth like this but i wasn't sure.

February 19 2017

but it's already great if you hate contrast

...or don't want to see the pics clearly without hovering your cursor over each one separately.  XÞ
my gender is "gender". bam, meta-gender!

July 10 2015

"early grey tea" is one of the funniest typos i've seen all week
shopped red, probably. the colors look way off.
turned upside down, no. that's how all bananas grow.
also, it's true. there are lots of different species of banana but most bananas sold worldwide are allll the same species (at least since about the fifties, when they replaced the one that was wiped out by some kind of banana plague).

not sure what to make of the fact that someone used a very clearly manipulated photo and a highly dubious source to support a (mostly, at least) true fact. internet.

July 05 2015

@sofias oah nöö, jetzt frisst doch der t-rex die janzen sauerkirschen uff

July 01 2015

22 girls, one world cup?

had to check because i was so sure this was photoshopped (not least because "come on, our girls" doesn't make that much more sense, either). but no. someone actually spent money to get this printed.

June 30 2015

♥ the "kind red spirits" one. like... benevolent tomato ghosts.
[obligatory gremlins reference]

June 29 2015

my neighbour tötörööö

June 28 2015

no, it's "decline your fine". and, uh. "relax your tax".  =D
okay, i'm gonna take this personal, so. heh. aww. thanks.
this looks so freakin' *dangerous*. like, i can't think about anything else than "he's gonna fall. he's gonna fall and break his everything."   °~°

June 27 2015

wtelf. totally missed that. that is... yeah.
done.  =)

wasn't aware that the whole soup was flagged, so. thanks for bringing that up. (also, i scrolled down a ways to check whether individual posts had been marked and found a spam post, deleted it and banned the spammer. so, double thanks!)

June 25 2015

whatever the direction taken, at 45mph, your sexual orientation is pretty much "nyoooom"
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